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Our small airport transfers business has been totally transformed into a fast growing company thanks to Nick from Lightbulb SEO. He achieved many top 5 positions on Google page one that drive constant traffic to our website on a daily basis. Highly recommended SEO consultant, amazing workaholic, and a great expert in ranking websites. Nick’s search engine optimisation actually works!!!

Stan S, Snappy Airport Transfers

Nick has taken to a whole new level since he first started working on the site back in 2000. He has achieved hundreds of No.1 positions that have been maintained over the years. His solid work, results driven success and unique SEO knowledge and expertise speak for himself.

Carole L, Anyclean

Why Do Local Businesses Need An SEO Expert

Internet marketing is no longer a luxury or a nice-to-have item. I’ve started this introduction to our search engines ranking craft article with the bottom line, the sentence that normally belongs in the conclusion paragraph. In today’s fast-growing, fast-paced and diverse business world, not putting a priority on your online presence (and particularly London SEO) is suicidal, no more, no less. Running a business in 2018 means acquiring customers from all over the world and turning your garage business into a multi-billion global powerhouse. Can you do this without the skills to appear in the top ten results of Google? By all means, no.


We Are Lightbulb SEO London – We Help You Dominate Your Competition In Google Organic Search Top 10 Results

Here is a quick screenshot from one of my our clients’ rankings summary. Do you think our SEO Agency is bringing him extra enquiries and hot leads? Looking at the number of keywords he is ranking for in the top 10 results, I believe he is laughing all the way to the bank. The guy is outranking everyone. He has turned his website into his best salesman.

Yes, we know that good Search Engine Optimisation technologies and resources are expensive. And we know that you have a marketing budget which you must fit these costs in. But we want to show not one, not five, not ten, but 17 reasons for which investing in website optimisation will turn your business into a global powerhouse. Here they are below:

1. SEO Return on investment can sky-rocket

This is the main reason why you should view increasing your search engine traffic as an investment. It’s just like investing in a good piece of real estate – if you do it right and pick a great building, you can earn income off the investment for the rest of your life. The same thing is valid for search engine results. If you get your website into the top 3 of its niche, it’s easier to maintain it there and collect rewards, for as long as your business exists. From a business perspective, it’s a no-brainer: invest some money in the beginning, then profit for as long as you want to.

page one google rankings example

2. Investing in internet marketing helps your best sales employee

And do you know who this employee is? Your website, of course! You spent quite some money to make it attractive for customers and ensure that it generates sales. Knowing how many visitors your website needs to make a sale is a thing, of course, good to know, but it is not enough. Investing in SEO can quickly multiply the traffic your website gets. The best news is that the site will always be available (except for minimal periods of downtime), meaning that you’ll never miss sales. Win-win!

3. SEO pricing varies

There is a very common myth in the industry that internet marketing activities have a fixed rate pricing, or that you can easily understand how much a certain service will cost. You have to understand that there are teams of people working on growing your website and increasing your market share, and each of them has very specific responsibilities. Giving them a tiny budget to work with will produce no results. Your job is to understand what they can do based on the budget you give them, and make decisions accordingly.

4. SEO is much more than CMS

Content Management Software (CMS) vendors usually use the term “SEO friendly” to describe their products. You can’t rely on CMS to provide you great content with the exact keywords, structure and idea you want. Website optimisation efforts mean much more than simple content management and it takes a lot more effort to win the search engine battle.

5. SEO helps you gain free advertising

Search Engine Optimisation gives to the ability to take control of how search engines advertise your website. The other option is to let these search engines pick whatever they want to advertise on your website, meaning that likely customers are viewing “random text”. The good news is that this feature is a relatively easy fix and can be done at any given time.

6. Internet marketing helps your posts go viral

If one of your articles were shared on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.), it means that a person wanted to share your ideas. Behind this idea are meta descriptions and keywords carefully designed by your marketing team, which carefully analyse which keywords behave better. Thus, they take control of this process and help your posts become viral and reach as many people as possible.

7. SEO helps you gain trust and credibility

Don’t you automatically consider the first brands Google shows you “trustworthy” and “good”? That’s what everyone does. Being on top of Google search results means that many other people had a problem that you managed to solve. You understood the problem and gave them a product that helped them. Keyword optimisation can bring you on the first page of Google search results – from there on, it’s just about treating your customers correctly.

8. Increasing your search engine traffic makes you famous

Statistically, no.1 in the Google search engine rankings earn about 1/3 of all the clicks related to a certain keyword or topic. No.2 gains about 12, 5%, no.3 takes roughly 9%, and from then on, it quickly becomes worse. Essentially, moving from page 2 of this list to top 3 could mean a massive, hundred-fold growth in the number of people that reach your website. SEO is the only way you can increase your reach this dramatically – don’t let it go to waste.

9. Internet marketing helps branding efforts

When you think about branding, you think about the values that define your business. Search Engine Optimisation allows you to turn these values into content, into keywords and into strategies that will help define your brand and promote your brand. The values that define your brand will thus evolve from making a good first impression to sending strong, coherent and clear messages.

10. SEO means long-term

Pay-per-click and other artificial ways to grow your website traffic are both expensive and short-lived. If you don’t have a clear strategy, you’re just relying on luck, on the remote possibility that artificially bought clicks might generate your sales. Good Search Engine Optimization strategies will bring you natural clicks and views from people that matter for your brand, and will do this for a long time. Spending years and years on the first page of search engine rankings will do wonders for your business, without many additional costs on the way.

11. Search Engine Optimization is about numbers

That is one of the main beauties of this topic – it’s measurable. You can measure every click, every visitor, and every sale, everything about your marketing efforts. It doesn’t rely on guesswork and opinions, but on hard numbers.

12. Digital marketing investments are cost-effective

Investing in these ideas is great because it impacts the heart of your sales process: attracting customers. It’s the only way to increase your visitor count by thousands, if not millions, and is very cheap compared to the results it can bring you. It quickly outshines other artificial methods to grow traffic and brings you income and benefits even after you stopped investing into it. From an economic standpoint, the return on investment is excellent.

13. SEO can be outsourced

Finding a good company to take care of your digital marketing strategy might be tough, but the benefits are immense. You will essentially be working with professionals who do this all day, every day. This means that investing the right amount of money in the right service provider can bring your awesome results, with NO extra effort from your side.

14. Website optimization can be tailored

The beautiful thing about Search Engine Optimization is that it can be tailored to fit your company, your strategies, and your needs. It requires analysis, planning and good execution plans, all tailored around your budget and your objectives. There’s no such thing as “not SEO relevant” content. Everything you and your company perform can be influenced by good online marketing campaigns.

15. Digital marketing can convince skeptics

If you need to show good marketing results to business partners or board members, investing in SEO will always be your best bet. The results will be clear, and most important, quantifiable, which means you will show them clear numbers and statistics. Everybody will value these numbers a lot more than opinions and ideas.

16. SEO provides endless opportunities

You never quite know how much success your strategy will have. But if you plan and execute it correctly, it can bring you good business for years to come. It will require tweaks, updates, and adaptation to new market conditions, but will always be up there in terms of results.

17. Search Engine Optimization is built on user behavior

Focusing on SEO doesn’t mean interrupting the user with an annoying sales pitch or forcing him to do something that he’s not already doing. It means attracting the right customer to the right product, which is a natural way to advertise your company. That’s why it provides great results over the long term – because it focuses on providing solutions, not forcing people to buy products or services.

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