Dominate the Search Engines in 2018 by Following Some Very Simple Rules

There are two main ways to stand out from the crowd if you’re in the cleaning business. The first and most obvious way is to do a great job of scrubbing, polishing, sweeping, etc. etc. There’s no better advertisement than a happy customer and word of mouth is just as effective a form of advertising as it was one hundred or even one thousand years ago – possibly even in 10,000 BC, the word was being passed around about the best flint knapper. However, the other way to ensure that the news about your cleaning business gets in front of your customers is to make sure that you have a good online presence.

The best way to ensure that your cleaning company has a good online presence is to have plenty of leads pointing the way to your website. Ideally handled by an experienced London SEO agency consultants. (We’re going to assume that you have a website for your cleaning business. If you don’t, then you’d better get one as soon as possible; it’s not as hard as you think). It’s having the links that ensures that your webpage is nice and high on the search engine rankings. If you stop to think about your own browsing behaviour, you probably don’t look much past the first page or possibly two when you’re looking for something on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, etc. Other people are the same, so if you’re not well up the rankings, you’re probably missing out on a few customers.

How Not To Build Links

Some people get the shudders at the idea of building links, especially if they’ve even encountered a “link farm” website or three. Link farms are a group of websites that all generate links to each other (a diagram of them would look like one of those string-and-nail pictures that were popular in the 1970s and are probably due for a comeback in crafting circles). These sites exist merely to generate links to each other, and they tend to be dead boring, repetitive and a downright nuisance for any real human being trying to read them.

Any method of building links or increasing your online presence (or boosting your online rankings) that depends on manipulating the algorithms using spammy techniques tends to get very heavily penalised by search engines these days.  These irritating spammy habits got SEO a bad name so the powers that be cracked down on it. Let’s face it: you don’t want to annoy the people who might hire you and your cleaners by using annoying and underhand link building techniques. Think of what the equivalent is in real-world terms. If your cleaners went door to door, waving brooms and vacuum cleaners in people’s faces and shouting loudly about how well you can clean their house, then you’d put people off rather than attracting them.

If you use the same consideration of your customers when you’re online and building links that you do when you’re actually in their homes cleaning, then you’ll be more successful.

Good Ways Of Building Links For Cleaning Companies

OK, so how do you ensure that you go about things the right way during your link building campaign? Here’s a handful of simple steps that you can try right away.

1. Ask real people for links. You’ve got friends, family members, colleagues, suppliers, employees, etc. etc. Ask them to add a link from their site to yours, and do the same for them (or at least offer). Here’s how it works: you ask the wholesaler where you buy your carpet shampoo or other cleaning products from to link to your site and they’ll add this on a page or sidebar saying “This is who uses our products”. You, in return, add something like “We use Brand X” with a hyperlink to their site. Everybody’s happy, including Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms.

2. Content, content, content. Good content, both visual and text, gets shared far and wide on the internet, especially now that social media allows just about everything to be shared, pinned, tweeted, re-tweeted and so forth. However, the content has to be good quality so people actually read it or watch it, and want to share it. Content comes in many forms, from blogs to videos and everything else in between (more on this below).

3. Get blogging. Create yourself a nice blog site and make sure that your articles have a link or two to your business’s home page (or About page or Our Services page or… vary it up!). But never, ever overdo the links. If your post looks like “If you get a professional cleaner to clean your home and clean the windows, then you need to make sure that they know how to clean efficiently,” it will be (a) annoying to read and (b) penalised by the search engine algorithms. Just have a few good links and an interesting article. Also,  make sure that you have a good selection of articles on a range of appropriate topics. If you can update your content regularly, then it’s even better. And don’t forget to ensure that you have those social media sharing buttons so that if people love your blog post, they can do so (this is an organic way of building links).

4. Video it. OK, hands up if you’ve ever wasted time watching something hilarious on YouTube. Right, now you can put your hands down. If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, it’s full of funny or thought-provoking videos shared by your friends and family members. Each of those videos provides a nice little link (and it also give you the excuse to create a YouTube channel = another chance to link to your site!). While the obvious type of video for a cleaning company is a series of “how to” videos, there are other options. How about a collection of “unbelievably filthy houses” or your cleaning crew doing a silly song and dance routine using their brooms and mops as props? Use imagination and sense of humour!

5. Guest blog. If you find the chance to write a guest blog on someone else’s site, go for it. Of course, there are two golden rules you need to follow. The first is the same as the one for ordinary blogging: don’t overdo the links. The second is to make sure that you keep it relevant. If you have the chance to write a guest blog on a motoring website, then you’d better do it on something like “Environmentally Friendly Ways To Wash Your Car”, where you speak as an expert cleaner. Similarly, if you are guest blogger on a parenting site, you’d write about getting kids to do chores or how to simplify housework.

6. Forum commenting. If you post a comment or join in a conversation on a forum, you have the chance to add a wee link to your site. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. The wrong way is to just put something inane and not very relevant on any old forum, whether it has anything to do with cleaning or not. You’ve probably come across the sort of thing (before the moderators get rid of the pest). “Thank you for this interesting article. Bill from” However, if the conversation is relevant to cleaning and you have something useful to contribute, then comment away! Of course, this will take imagination and intelligence, and a fair amount of hunting to find suitable forums where you can make appropriate and relevant comments (how to clean afghan throws on Ravelry?). Forums aren’t the only place where you can leave comments with links: comment on other blog posts and videos, as long as you manage to keep it relevant.

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