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Even considering the above, lots of businesses still view Search Engine Optimisation and internet marketing as running costs. One can argue this is a very wrong way of thinking – you can’t put the money you spend on these in the same category as office supplies, rent, and other costs. The main difference lies in the purpose of this activity. The goal of SEO is to bring you more customers, more revenue, and more sales. It’s like investing in training for your sales team, or teaching your marketing team new strategies, or hiring more people to do work – it’s an investment that will grow your company. All these considered, a business owner shouldn’t look at SEO efforts as a cost, but as an investment. And not a standard investment, but of the best ways to put money into the development of the business.

Not convinced about the benefits of having your own local London SEO expert? Here are some facts that will make you realise you are actually leaving money on the table:

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1. Search Engine Optimisation should be a big part of your marketing initiatives

Think of website traffic as the glue that holds your marketing ideas together, gives them strength and helps every part reach the next level. Of course, each part – content creation, social media, imaging, branding and all the other marketing channels – has to fulfil its role, but digital marketing is here to make sure everything works well together and has the impact you want it to have. Thus, it becomes increasingly important to understand the role of keyword and traffic optimisation and how it works. Sadly, most of the third-party consultants are only eager to sell you strategies and applications and don’t spend nearly enough time tailoring these to your business. Don’t be fooled by this approach.

2. Internet marketing has a big impact on the research process

Let’s face it: shopping in the digital age has become very easy. Consumers can now quickly compare features and specs and pick the best price-performance ratio with ease. Think that your product is surely the best in its niche can be a costly mistake, from at least two perspectives:

– It might not be the best, but you don’t know the competition

– It might be the best, but people haven’t heard of it

SEO is here to make sure that likely customers stumble upon your website in their research process. The more prospects you have viewing your site, the more sales you will eventually land.

3. There is no such thing as “too expensive” when speaking about Search Engine Optimisation

This goes hand-in-hand with the idea that this activity is an investment, not a cost. Typically, the more money you can invest in digital marketing, the better results you will receive in the short or medium term. Again, your job here is to understand why a certain company is more expensive than the rest – do they offer extra services, or have more experience and success stories in their past? These are all questions you must answer while also analyzing your market niche. How do you fare against your competitors and what do their marketing efforts look like?

4. Internet marketing is not “nice to have” and shouldn’t be treated like that

Think of it this way: you’ve invested tons of money into an awesome website, but now you have to translate it into English so that 99% of your customers know what it’s about. The same thing applies to SEO – it “translates” your website so that Google and other search engines understand it. There’s no point in investing in great websites and marketing materials if you don’t invest in SEO as well. Moreover, if you only think about SEO after you’re done with all the previous steps, chances are you will have to re-think your content, your links and many other parts of your website.

5. Increasing your search engine traffic can multiply your impact

Consider SEO as a different marketing platform that your company uses and treat it as such. Did you carefully proofread and design the brochures and banners you made? Did you make sure they appealed to your target audience and expressed your company’s beliefs? We’re certain you did, and that’s exactly what you should be doing to your website as well. This is one of the main purposes of digital marketing: to make sure that your site transmits the message you want it to transmit to the people that should hear it.

6. Marketing makes your website visible

The first and most important step of any sale that takes place through your website is getting people to visit it. If your site is invisible to the general public, then you’re relying on luck to get sales from it. SEO is the key factor which gets your site noticed, shared and loved by customers, thus bringing you sales. It is the number one tool which can bring a website from anonymity to being famous.

7. Search Engine Optimisation affects the core of your business

The ability to attract and retain customers is crucial in any business. In 2018, most of these customers will come from web-based searches and places. Now here comes the no-brainer about SEO – NOT investing in Local SEO or treating it as second or third priority dramatically lowers your profits and sets you behind your main competitors. You’re essentially ignoring or not giving enough attention to the ine tool that can help you differentiate yourself in the 2018 business market. Don’t fall into this trap, and remember: digital marketing is an investment that will pay out in the future, not a cost. Wisely cost in your search engine optimisarion consutant in your monthly marketing expenses and submit the figures to your accountant. These costs are allowed expenses and will reduce your tax bill, so why not start the Google domination today. Click on the button below.

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8. Digital marketing helps offline sales as well

Although buying online has known the largest growths in recent years, lots of customers do their research online to find local businesses which fit their needs. That means that if they find you online and like what they see, they will come to your store to buy from you in person! Internet marketing can thus be seen as a virtual greeting card for your brick-and-mortar store.

9. Website optimization helps differentiate between relevant traffic and useless clicks

Web traffic is not enough. The conversion potential of this web traffic has to be carefully monitored. Simply put, you must bring relevant people to your website so that their visits will generate sales. A well-designed SEO campaign and strategy will bring people to your website which will say “Wow, this popped up at exactly the right time!” Without such a campaign, finding your website will be like searching for a needle in a haystack for these clients.

10. Internet marketing is your greatest secret weapon

Website optimization is the difference between trying the same things over and over again and finding new and exciting niches which were untouched in the past. It’s the difference between fighting with the same weapons over and over again and finding new ways to conquer your competitors and new markets. Crafting good SEO strategies will always keep you at least one step ahead of your competition – thus making your Search Engine Optimization consultant or department invaluable in the growth of your business.

11. Increasing search engine traffic will always beat paid traffic

You might already be familiar with services like Google AdWords or other Pay-per-click advertising methods. Ironically, these are much more widely used and invested in than SEO. Focusing on PPC advertising doesn’t work on the long term. It doesn’t work because it becomes expensive, it yields low results, and it cannot be effectively directed towards your target audience and niches.

12. SEO gives you an advantage over your competition

Nowadays, marketing is about attracting customers, focusing on niches which haven’t been touched yet. In 2016, investing in digital marketing beats expensive TV commercials, billboards, and annoying internet ads. You know this now – that investing in search engine optimization is the way to go – but your competition probably doesn’t. This will all work to your advantage. Just make the right investment in the right time, and you’ll leave them far behind.